State Unemployment Rate Drops To 6.4%

CBS Miami

TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami) — Florida’s unemployment rate dropped from 6.7 percent to 6.4 percent in the month of November, but job creation was nearly stagnant as just 6,100 jobs were created in the state.

Looking at the numbers in South Florida, Broward County saw the unemployment rate drop from 5.4 percent in October to 5.2 percent in November. The November 2013 rate of 5.2 percent was a drop of more than 1.5 percent from November 2012.

According to the state numbers, Broward County’s labor force decreased by 1,894 workers in November and the overall number of employed workers in Broward County dropped by 259 jobs. The number of people on unemployment insurance fell by 1,635 workers.

Miami-Dade County’s unemployment rate dropped from 8.5 percent in October 2013 to 7.0 percent in November 2013. Comparing year-over-year numbers, Miami-Dade’s unemployment rate dropped by 1.3 percent, almost as much as the last month.


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