Obama Spearheads New Economy!

Inform The Pundits!

I was greeted this morning with this headline in the New York Times:
Obama Focuses on Economy, Vowing to Help Middle Class

My 1st thought… “Its about time!”

My 2nd thought… “Do I believe it? No.”

Why? Because the story came out of another formula-based, toothless speech President Obama gave yesterday:
Remarks by the President on the Economy — Knox College, Galesburg, Il
– President Obama, Official White House Transcript, 7/24/2013

The extraordinarily long hour and seven minute paper mâché marathon was more akin for a State of the Union Address than for a small college audience.

Formula-Based Speeches

Once again President Obama used a predictable format:

  • Fly somewhere in Air Force One costing taxpayers $180,000/hr
  • Surround himself with a carefully selected ethnic and economically mixed background audience
  • Throw in some American flags and locally identifiable artifacts
  • Start by making pithy insider remarks or jokes to…

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