Rep. Luis Gutierrez calls Rep. King’s DREAMers comments “ignorant, racist”

NBC Latino

Illinois Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez spoke to MSNBC’s Martin Bashir today about remarks made by Iowa Republican congressman Steve King, in which he equates DREAMers with “drug mules.” Without hesitation — and joining a large number of both Democrats and Republicans — Rep. Gutierrez denounced King’s comments, calling the remarks and the man, “ignorant” and “racist.”

Gutierrez did note that King did not represent all Republicans and added that for every Steve King in Congress, “there are 25 good, decent Republicans.”

He passionately added that King is, “a desperate man who cannot confront the broad and very deep movement that exists across economic, social, religious sectors” and the best course of action is “not to allow him to detract us because that’s what he wants to do. That’s his goal.”

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