Rallies Held In Sacramento, Across Nation In Protest Of Zimmeman Verdict

CBS Sacramento

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ATLANTA (CBS/AP) — One week after a jury found George Zimmerman not guilty in the death of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin, people gathered for nationwide rallies to press for changes to self-defense laws and for federal civil rights charges against the former neighborhood watch leader.

The Florida case has become a flashpoint in separate but converging national debates over self-defense, guns, and race relations. Zimmerman, who successfully claimed that he was protecting himself when he shot Martin, identifies himself as Hispanic. Martin was black.

Hundreds gathered at the U.S. Attorney’s Building in downtown Sacramento to push the Justice Department to file civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

Many of the protesters here say although they did not know Trayvon, they want to make sure racial profiling comes to an end.

“I believe injustice was done here and it’s time to end it all,” said rally attendee…

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