Privacy Is Dead:Verizon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook Are Sharing Private User Communications of Millions of People With The NSA

Emerging Truth–Leaked-secret-documents-reveal-U-S-intelligence-agencies-tapping-directly-servers-Apple-Google-Facebook-spy-users.html

‘You can’t have 100% security and 100% privacy’: Obama defends NSA’s secret ‘data-mining’ and tries to dismiss it as ‘a modest encroachment’

  • PRISM data-mining program was launched in 2007 with approval from special federal judges 
  • Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Skype, AOL and PalTalk are involved in spying program
  • The UK has had access to the PRISM data since at least 2010
  • Details of data collection were outlined in classified 41-slide PowerPoint presentation that was leaked by intelligence officer 
  • PRISM was exposed one day after it was revealed that NSA has been collecting telephone records of Verizon customers
  • It is largest anti-terror intelligence-gathering operation since 9/11

By Daily Mail Reporter

President Obama delivered a passionate defense on Friday of national security programs that secretly acquire information about Americans’ phone calls, saying criticism of them is…

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