Social Security Isn’t Dead


Popular Economics Weekly

Social Security isn’t dead, or even dying, in spite of the prediction by the Social Security Trustees that it will no longer be able to pay full benefits by 2033. That’s because the Trustees use what are called ‘intermediate’ assumptions of income and tax growth that have prevailed since the huge shift in wealth upward beginning in the 1970s, depressing incomes of the middle and lower income earning brackets.


The Trustees base their projection on growth rates of population, wages and employment that comprise the Gross Domestic Product, and not wanting to be overly optimistic, pick what they believe to be a medium GDP growth rate over the next 75 years in the mid-2 percent range, rather than the longer term historical rate of 3.5 percent over the past 75 years.

There are reasons for optimism, in other words, if employment and wage growth can be brought…

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