Possible mitigating factors for Jodi Arias (Round #2)

Possible mitigating factors for Jodi Arias (Round #2)

  1. Some people like Jodi Arias have a difficulty finding out their purpose in life and identity.
  2. She is a good friend (According to the defense, friends Daryl Brewer and Patricia Womack will speak on Jodi’s behalf).
  3. No prior criminal history before the murder of Travis Alexander
  4. She used poor decision making to resolve her conflict with Travis Alexander.
  5. Borderline Personality Disorder
  6. She suffered abuse and neglect as a child and as an adult from a dysfunctional family.
  7. She tried to make the best of her life (Mormonism, job, goals of motherhood and marriage)
  8. Overall model prisoner and liked by fellow inmates

**Don’t use age, artistic talent like those drawings and photography, PTSD, and domestic violence.

Used some source from:


Prosecutor side:

  1. Jodi Arias is manipulative.
  2. 1st  degree murder (premeditated) and 2nd  degree (felony)
  3. The murder was very cruel.
  4. They got the crime and autopsy photos.
  5. The Travis Alexander family is disappointed.
  6. Travis Alexander friends are disappointed.

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