Economy? Middle Class Crisis? I don’t believe anybody out there has real answer to these

The New World Ahead

A. Economy?

B. “middle class crisis,”tax” issues, social morality, civic responsibility” ?

For current situation, none of these counts.

Look ! People up there, what they are talking about isSatanic Ritual,“Mazochist S…”,andBombing, Exploding Stuffs“.

          In the middle of all these,who would have sane mind, think about Economy, Middle Class Crisis? Are All these Issues Comparable, Co-existable Issues? to be Solved by Same Hands? A human can solve economics problems while emerged inSatanism,witchcrafting,Sado-mazochism S…..and so on? Arn’t these require different nature of being?

Satanism and Economics? Are They Comparable?  Kidding?


In terms of middle class crisis, as mentioned in previous postings longtime ago, the only thing this economy can recover is just the general trend of economic growth rate of 1-2% and the typical employment rates.

          The fundamental…

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