Group’s Rally Cry: Execute Castro

CLEVELAND – A small group of protesters made their voices heard about what should happen to Ariel Castro, accused of kidnapping, raping and keeping three women captive in his home for more than 10 years. They say execute him.

Members of Ohio Communities United rallied outside the Justice Center in Downtown Cleveland Friday, where Castro, 52, is being held.

Joe Jones, Ohio Communities United organizer, said Castro does not deserve a sentence of life in prison.

“He needs to be executed, and everything he owns should be sold and the money should be turned over to the victims.  He definitely should be put to death,” Jones said, adding that is what he believes should happen to all sexual predators or anyone who hurts a child.

Downtown Cleveland resident Marcia Turpin walked by the protest and agreed with what should happen to Castro.

“He does not need a trial. He should…

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