Florida Cop Fired 8 Times Fighting To Get Job Back


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OPA-LOCKA, FL (WFOR) – A police sergeant who has been deemed, “The Most Fired Officer In Florida” is fighting to get his job back. He has been fired a total of eight times, six by his most recent employer, the Opa-Locka Police Department.

German Bosque is not your everyday cop. He’s the most disciplined, fined, fired, arrested police officer in the state. He has been fired eight times by three departments. Six times by Opa-Locka. None stuck.

In a hearing Wednesday, Opa-Locka said Bosque should be fired now for leaving his ar 15 rifle in the care of a security guard, the father of his girlfriend, who is now his fiancae.

The city’s argument, a cop leaving his assault rifle with a friend while he’s out on leave just isn’t a done thing.

The Miami Herald, reports bosque has beaten allegations, including busting a handcuffed suspect’s skull…

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