The law school job market

Fully Myelinated

Really, really not good unless you go to a top-10 (top 7?)  law school.  Check out this chart:


If we were talking about undergraduate students, these numbers wouldn’t seem quite as awful. But JD’s consistently dive six figures into debt and give up three years of other opportunities for an education that prepares them with a very specific, not-so-easily transferred skill set (please forget the old saw that “you can do anything with a law degree”). There are some schools where the investment practically always pays off — a Harvard or University of Virginia degree is still looking good these days — but at many schools, reputation trumps results.

It’s amazing the number of students I see who want to go to law school because they are convinced that it is the path to a sure job and riches.  They’re wrong (Suffice it to say, I’m not seeing many Harvard/Yale…

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