Specialized Battery From Fremont Firm Used In Boston Marathon Bombing

CBS San Francisco

FREMONT (CBS SF) – Photographs of the remnants of the explosive device in the Boston Marathon bombing show an image of a specialized battery made by a Bay Area company.

A Reuters photo shows a Sub C-3000 battery made by Tenergy, based in Fremont. According to the company, nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery is designed to be used in remote control cars.

In a statement sent to CBS San Francisco, Tenergy spokesman Benjamin Mull said, “We were appalled to discover that one of our off-the-shelf products was used in such a horrific and senseless act of hate. We have contacted both the FBI and the Boston Police and will assist in any way possible to help identify the responsible parties.”

[worldnow id=8785457 width=480 height=360 type=video]

Mull also said in the statement that the battery in question is widely available from multiple stores in the U.S., as well as on line, but that is was not clear…

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