Our thoughts and prayers are with Boston

Under the Mountain Bunker

Horrific attack on the innocent:

Realtime coverage - Google

It takes only one evil person to harm so many. And more than likely that person’s Excuse or narcissistic Purpose will be based on their interpretation of some religion and / or political cause. This behavior is not “human nature,” it’s an aberration of human nature. If you watched the news yesterday, human nature was evident in the response of the crowds of people helping each other, helping strangers, crying for others who were wounded, giving blood — just to do something, anything — until no more blood was needed last night (though it will be needed in the days / weeks ahead).

Or as Mr. Rogers said:

Of course, what happens after the shock wears off and the bad guy is found — regardless if he’s Middle Eastern or some variation of a RWNJ/fundie/supremacist — is another level of human nature. Unfortunately. We should all try to…

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