Making sense of the Senate and House proposals for immigration reform

NBC Latino

2013-04_2256330_NBCLatino-ImmigrationNation_640x90_v1For weeks now, details of the Senate and House plans have been leaked but neither bill has been introduced. There are similarities — both plans calls for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants — but one calls for a 13-year wait and another for 15.  These are some of the key points of each proposal, which will probably not change by the time the bills are presented.

The Senate bi-partisan bill has a “new” approach to obtaining immigration benefits. It moves away from the historic family ties to a merit-based program. The bill proposes a lengthy process taking upwards of 13 years to attain permanent residence (i.e. green card).

If this bill were to pass and become law, an applicant would obtain “provisional legal status” for 10 years and would obtain a work permit giving them the ability to travel.

According to this bill’s drafters, the new merit-based program would encourage legal…

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