How Do You React to Madness?

Audacity Oven

At 2:50 PM Monday afternoon, two explosions occurred on Boylston Street near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Copley Square.  As of 10:30 AM, as I post this, there have been three confirmed deaths and approximately 176 injured. Some of those injured have been reported to have lost limbs.  One of those killed was an 8-year-old boy and one of the critically injured was a fellow BU student. Initially, third and fourth devices were said to have been found nearby but Governor Deval Patrick has stated otherwise.  A third explosion occurred at JFK library at roughly 5 PM as well, though this has been dismissed as a mechanical fire and any speculation of a connection is just that.  There are no reported injuries from that explosion.  Though Boston PD has not officially arrested any suspects yet, there are reports that one Saudi man being in custody, though…

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