Employment Improving for Veterans but Still Work to be Done


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(Memphis) The labor department is releasing some new numbers that are great news for some veterans.

The unemployment rate for veterans as a whole is down 1.3% to 7%.

The unemployment for veterans serving since 2001 is still above the national average at 9.9%.

For veterans like Michael Borders having a job can mean having a purpose, “For veterans to work gives them the social capabilities of being able to give back.”

Borders did two tours in Iraq during Desert Storm, now he’s the resident manager at Alpha Omega Veteran Services.

This means he collects rent and runs the kitchen, and he doesn’t know what he would do without the job, “I suffer from PTSD so I think I probably would be someone where really stuck in a deep depression without my social skills and being able to get out and interact with people.”

Whitney Bray is…

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