Have you noticed those pink equal signs on Facebook?

Dillon's Social Media

Because I have, and they’ve done quite well in promoting awareness through Facebook and other social media platforms. For those who do not know, this is the little icon that has been floating around Facebook:

It’s done wonders for the campaign, which I did not know about until 20 of my friends had changed their profile picture to it to show support.  Regardless of if you agree with the movement, as a social media marketer, it’s rather obvious that we can learn a thing or two from this campaign.  It has also spun out interesting alternative pictures, showing further how a campaign such as this can be taken and used by a variety of people.

“Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” Equality:

Baby Equality:

Bert and Ernie Equality:

Holding Hands Equality:

Mario and Luigi Equality:

The movements Facebook page also has shows the variety of the campaign:

When I see…

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