Washington state bill to offer in-state financial aid regardless of legal status

NBC Latino

Gamito has a 3.7 GPA, volunteers in a local elementary school and hopes to attend the University of Washington this fall after graduating from high school, fulfilling the aspirations of his proud parents.

“They made it through 4th, 5th grade,” he said in between classes. “That’s the highest their education went when they were in Mexico. They wanted something different for my sister and me.”

Gamito’s dad is here illegally. He works construction jobs to support the extended family of seven living under his roof. No matter how hard he worked, however, there would likely never be enough money to get Gamito through UW, and because of his dad’s immigration status, Gamito can’t get financial aid.

“I mean, it’s just holding back more future doctors and lawyers, politicians,” said the 17-year-old. “It isn’t right. We just want to contribute.”

On Wednesday, the state House passed a bill that would open…

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