Post #6 – The power of news releases

Dan Callahan's Internet Marketing Blog

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 2.43.04 PMFor this week’s post, I decided to take David Meerman Scott’s example out of his book The New Rules for Marketing & PR. Scott mentioned how he was on Google looking for ideas for a keynote speech he had to give, and came upon a company called WebEx. He was searching for “accelerated sales cycle” and this site’s news release came up first in Google’s results. The same thing happened in the Google News section. Scott spoke with Colin Smith, director of PR for WebEx, and he explained how much power new releases have through Google. “Google and news keywords have really transformed the news release as a distribution vehicle,” said Smith.

The point here is that news releases are not dead, like most people think. David Meerman Scott is just one example of many people that search for these keywords, and it shows that someone can bring a…

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