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deadHollywierd Leftist have bragged about their “friendship” with this murdering dictator (Sean the Penn-head and many others).  These communist appreciating fools, are self-willed- ignorant boobs and oblivious to pertinent facts regarding these Dictators like Chavez and Castor.  They love to repeat that they were “democratically elected”, as if that settles any question of their viability as trustworthy, capable leaders.  Coincidentally, this is what they say about Obama.

The truth about Hugo Chavez, as with Castor, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Mao Zedong, Saddam Hussein– they murdered millions upon  millions of their own countrymen, as they forced financial oppression on them, dependence upon government for daily bread and provisions.  And there was no “free press” or as in this country, a corrupt press. And as with Chavez and to some extent Obama, they nationalized privately owned companies, made them property of the government.  Chavez went so far as to steal American owned oil companies…

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