Businesses With Some Stank On It!

Facebook Lawsuit EmailSo Facebook got bagged for being naughty. “Facebook Sponsored Stories” were, well,  fake-ish. In other words… when these ads/stories showed up in your newsfeed, Facebook and the advertiser would make it look like your friend(s) “liked” the business, even though they actually didn’t. You can see some bogus examples at the bottom of this post. Tisk, tisk, Facebook. Tisk, tisk. Anyways, this little lack of business integrity could potentially cost Facebook, Inc. $20,000,000. Now, here are some points to consider.

  1. The legal notice you received is legit. It does look like spam and mighty shady, but the fact is, the notice is real. There is some speculation that the messaging and the site was designed to look shady so people would be afraid of it and ignore it, but its more likely that federal legal stuff is, well, stiff and boring. Just like their email and website. (On a…

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