Inform The Pundits!

If you haven’t looked at it lately, the “U.S. National Debt Clock” has been updated and rearranged in eye-popping ways. For folks worried about debt, it’s well worth keeping tabs on.

The debt clock displays all sorts of information about debt in the United States and around the world. As you watch, debt growth flies by in front of your face at breathtaking speed.

It contains a mind-boggling array of information from individual country debt clocks; to your own state’s debt clock; to current gold and precious metals prices by country; to current energy output by country and to current auto sales data. It even has a history screen to show what the national debt, by year, was going back to 2000.

Those familiar with federal debt will see the displays are close to the real figures. For example, the $16.39 trillion for 12/19/2012 shown above is quite…

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