Inform The Pundits!

As it always does this time of month, the BLS released its Mass Layoffs Report today.

It is generally pretty boring. This month is no exception. If you casually glance at it you will not see anything unusual reported. That could not be further from the truth.

What the BLS fails to clearly report, which is very important, is how mass layoffs for November compare with the rest of 2012. That is found in Table 1. It is referenced at the bottom of the report. Two stats of interest from Table 1 are highlighted in red above.

For November, the BLS dryly reports there were 1,759 mass layoff “events” reported that involved 173,558 individual employees getting pink slips.

A mass layoff “event” is 50 or more employees being terminated by one employer for one reason or another in one month. It doesn’t matter what that reason is.

There was…

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