Inform The Pundits!

Its not enough to talk about the fiscal cliff. The real question is… what can be done about it?

Fiscal cliff specifics are clearly defined. That makes finding a solution surprisingly straightforward; just apply one simple axiom… make ALL the politicians winners!

To define a solution it is first necessary to understand the problem, what it means and why it is happening now.

In order of need, this nation faces many major issues:

  1. Short-term fiscal cliff
  2. Jobs
  3. Long-term entitlement debt
  4. Tax Reform

U.S. Congressmen and Senators should remind themselves that, though related, they are different problems that require different solutions. There is no silver bullet. Don’t try to make one size fit all. That is hard. Make things easy. Take one at a time. Be a winner!

First, solve the short-term fiscal cliff problem. Then, early next session, legislate for job creation and finally move on to entitlement and tax…

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