S. Fla Child Psychologist: Helping Your Child Understand The CT Shooting

CBS Miami

HOLLYWOOD (CBSMiami) – Newtown, Conn. may be more than a thousand miles away, but the school shooting tragedy hits home for parents in South Florida.

Once more they are forced to confront the inevitable questions from their children about this unspeakable tragedy.

CBS4 spoke to parents as they picked up their kids from one elementary school in Ft. Lauderdale about how they would talk to their young children, many the same age of the victims.

[worldnow id=8070109 width=385 height=288 type=video]

“It’s not something to take lightly.  We need to pray for those families,” said parent Kevin White.

Julie Kennedy has a preschool child.

“I would tell him the person had problems.  He was not happy.  Maybe teach them to be a better person,” she said.

Child Psychiatrist Daniel Bober with Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood said any talk has to be age appropriate.

“If they are seven or eight…

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