HSBC fined $2 Billion for money laundering

The Daily Deconstructor

HSBC was just fined nearly $2 Billion in fines by US Dept. of Justice for money laundering.  It has been laundering billions of dollars for Mexican drug cartels for years and finally has been slapped on the wrist.  Was it too big to actually prosecute?  Looks like criminal charges were dropped for fears that actually throwing some crooked banksters in jail would upset the world economy.. pffttt!

I’m scandalized that those creepy banksters could stand up in a committee and apologize for ‘mistakes’ the bank ‘had’ made.  How about apologizing and going to jail for drug money laundering?  Sure its unprecedented for banksters to actually get fined for their crimes but considering the enormous profits from money laundering even a $2 billion fine is really just an operating expense for a huge bank like HSBC.  The proof of this is that news of the huge fine never even ruffled its stocks or the marke

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