Online Learning Marketplace Udemy Lands $12M To Expand Its Course Catalog, Go Cross-Platform


In 2010, Udemy set out to capitalize on the growing market for video-based online education by launching a learning platform that allows anyone to teach and participate in online video classes. Yet, as the space has gotten more crowded, the startup has focused on becoming not just another online course platform, but a learning marketplace where educators of all stripes can earn compensation for sharing their knowledge on everything from front-end development to yoga.

So far, it’s been working. Udemy has attracted about 400K registered students and a quarter of its approved instructors have made at least $10K from selling their courses on the site — with some even seeing six-figure earnings. With Udemy taking 30 percent of those earnings, co-founder Eren Bali recently told us that, over the last nine months, the company has seen steady 20 percent month-over-month growth.

Building on this consistent growth, the startup is…

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