More On The Layoffs At GREE’s U.S. Offices: The Internal Memo


Here’s some more background on the GREE layoffs. The $3.9 billion Japanese mobile gaming company announced a restructuring yesterday that will move much of the platform team back to its headquarters in Tokyo from San Francisco. It’s also consolidating a couple of teams in the U.S. to focus on publishing and partnerships for third-party developers and growth and revenue for first-party games.

GREE didn’t provide much more than a brief statement yesterday acknowledging the redundancies, and we had been hearing from sources that there were more than 30 layoffs [Update: the company has confirmed that the number is 25]. This follows a poor quarter in which profit actually declined by more than 25 percent quarter-over-quarter. They face a regulatory crackdown from the Japanese government on certain kinds of game mechanics and increased expenses from the effort to expand abroad. Although the company is one of Japan’s…

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