Tonight on AC360: Outrage over defeat of disability treaty

Anderson Cooper 360

This week the U.S. Senate blocked a U.N. treaty aimed at protecting the rights of disabled people around the world. 125 countries have ratified it. The treaty is modeled on the American Disabilities Act, which Congress passed in 1990. However, 38 Republican senators voted against the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), leaving it five votes short of ratification.

Tonight Anderson talks with the son of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy. Ted Kennedy Jr. lost a leg to cancer when he was a child. He feels the Republican Party has turned its back on disabled Americans with this vote. “It’s a sad day for people with disabilities, and it’s a sad day for the U.S Senate,” Kennedy tells Anderson. “You ask yourself… who could be against a treaty that basically affords people with disabilities the same rights and opportunities of everyone else?” Kennedy believes several Republicans…

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