Study: Media Multitasking May Lead To Depression, Anxiety


WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Digital multitasking – such as posting social media while fiddling with the television remote – may lead to depression and anxiety.

Michigan State University lead researcher and psychologist, Mark Becker, expressed surprise that there was such a clear association between multitasking media and mental health issues in the recent study.

However, the cause-and-effect evidence doesn’t indicate the origin of the problem.

“We don’t know whether the media multitasking is causing symptoms of depression and social anxiety, or if it’s that people who are depressed and anxious are turning to media multitasking as a form of distraction from their problems,” Becker stated in the study.

A survey by Nielsen released this week showed that 36 per cent of people aged between 35 and 54 used a tablet computer while watching television. That figure rose to 44 per cent for those aged 55-64. A 2012 Pew Research…

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