The 10 Most Honest And Dishonest Professions In America

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We didn’t write the list, we’re just reporting the info.  So, if your occupation made the bad list, I’m sorry.  If you made the top 10 list, congrats!

In an annual Gallup poll asking Americans to rank different professions by their honesty and ethics, car salesmen in last.

On the other hand, nurses were rated the most honest profession.  The rest of the top 10 most honest professions are:

Pharmacists, doctors, engineers, dentists, police officers, college professors, members of clergy, psychiatrists, and chiropractors.

The bottom 10 professions are: Car salespeople, members of Congress, people in advertising, stockbrokers, HMO managers, Senators, insurance salespeople, lawyers, State Governors, and business executives.

What profession would you add to either list?

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