Ouija Board no way to get answers…

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ouija-boardOnce when I was about 10 I played the Ouija Board game with some neighborhood kids. Yeah, I was young, but not stupid. It took me about 2 minutes to figure out it was nonsense… Still, it was fun in a dark, creepy way. There’s even an online Ouija board now if you’d like to get virtually dark and creepy.

I often see Kronos users feeling around in the dark for answers on message boards, LinkedIn groups, and other social sites. Some of them are very good, and there are some smart people helping each other out. In some cases, those respondents are trolling for consulting business, but that’s cool. It’s good to see healthy Kronos ecosystems growing. However, my observations see two caveats to this Ouija Board process:

1. You often have to wait for answers.
2. You can’t be sure which response is correct. Sometimes people responding…

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