Shoplifting Expected To Spike This Holiday Season

CBS Detroit

DETROIT (Talk Radio 1270) During the holiday season last year, more than $1.8 billion was lost to shoplifting, with another increase expected this year, according to WWJ legal analyst and 1270 Talk Radio host Charlie Langton.

And the perpetrators are not necessarily common street thieves, they can be professional working people — with an addiction. Terry Shulman, theft addiction therapist and former shoplifter, talked to Langton Monday about why shoplifters risk so much for so little.

“What we know about human beings is we’re complicated creatures,” Shulman said. “We have a lot of pressure to be pressure to be good and to be perfect … And we have cracks in our foundations.”

Shulman has been a recovering shoplifter for 22 years. Between the ages of 15 and 25 he said he “shoplifted quite a bit” and was arrested twice. He managed to get his act together, finish college and law school, and…

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