Police: Holiday Shoppers Provide Cover For Shoplifting Pros

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The holidays always bring Christmas shoppers to malls, but the season also brings people looking for a ‘5-finger discount.’ It’s not that there’s necessarily more retail crime going on, but crowded stores provide thieves with cover.

“They’re [retailers] fully staffed, they’re all on their guard for this,” explained Major Robert Sherwin, with the Dallas Police Department’s Property Crimes Division. “But ‘boosters’, is what we call these people who go out and professionally steal, the boosters are out in force because the crowds [unintentionally] help them conceal getting this product out.”

Remember shoplifting, plain and simple, is stealing so that can come in many different forms. Major Sherwin quoted a statistic from the National Retail Federation (NRF). “About 50-percent of retailers loses come from employee theft.”

If you’re envisioning dark shades and a trench coat try again. Retail theft is big business and the NRF ranks Dallas…

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