‘Why Big U.S. Retailers Can Afford To Increase Wages’

The Last Of The Millenniums

I worked in retail management for 35 years. The most frustrating part of the job was every fall beginning the fight with corporate to give raises to the people that actually did the work.

As hair pulling as ‘Black Friday’ and the day after Christmas were, they actually seemed like holidays from the fight.

‘By 2020, more than one-quarter of U.S. workers will be working low-wage jobs, not making enough money to keep a family of four out of poverty’.

‘The retail industry is one of those that employs the most low-wage workers. (About 36 percent of low-wage workers work in retail.)’

‘The retail sector takes in more than $4 trillion annually and firms with 1000 or more employees account for more than half of that’.

‘At the same time labor compensation in the sector contributes only 12 percent of the total value of production, making payroll just a fraction…

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