Monday News Links and General Repartee

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Anyone catch Chris Christie on SNL over the weekend? Pretty hilarious stuff. I think Chris Christie is doing the best of all these “would-be” contenders for GOP 2016. He definitely has his mind on running for President, but unlike Bobby Jindal’s professorial editorial for CNN on how Republicans can win future elections, Christie is just flat out ignoring the base and going after the populous. He did this with his warm reception of Obama during Hurricane Sandy as well. More appearances like these will just boost his appeal with independents and moderates. That’s something he can hang his hat to which other Republican contenders won’t have come nomination time.

Speaking of Hurricane Sandy, it is still #3 in TrendPo’s “Kitchen Sink” rank, ahead of Romney, Petraeus, and fiscal cliff. It won’t be for long because its news mentions are slowly dying out, but still remarkable that it held that high of…

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