Hunger Task Force volunteers stuff bins with Thanksgiving food for the needy

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MILWAUKEE — The Hunger Task Force is set to feed nearly 1,000 families during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Officials say this year, they are seeing some of the highest numbers of needy families in some time.

Volunteers at the Hunger Task Force packed 800 holiday bins on Sunday morning, November 18th. Vans from Milwaukee-area churches and pantries picked them up to be delivered to those in need.

“We’re happy to be able to help them out and make sure they’re able to get a healthy meal. We’re seeing a lot of single mothers as well as a lot of elderly people who have to decide how they’re going to make groceries (last) or stretch food stamps,” Audrey Wilson with the Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church said.

Sherri Tussler, the director of the Hunger Task Force says in October alone, the numbers of those doing without in the Milwaukee area…

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