How Mexico reacted to Obama’s re-election

The Tequila Files

The Mexican press was awash with editorials reflecting on Barack Obama’s re-election this week. United in their fear of what a Mitt Romney-led Republican administration would have done, virtually every publication viewed Obama’s victory as the most favorable outcome.

Writing in Reforma, renowned former politician and academic Jorge Castañeda drew three main conclusions: that “Obama won by a larger margin than expected, both in the popular vote (a difference of almost 3 million votes) and in the electoral college (almost 100 votes difference);” that “Obama owes his reelection to the Hispanic vote;” and that “certain segments of the population are much more liberal than you think. This was manifested in several states in favor of same-sex marriage and especially the legalization of marijuana.”

In La Economista, Raul Feliz noted that Obama made history by becoming “the first president to be reelected with the unemployment rate at 7.9 percent…

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