The Two-Woman Crusade

It’s almost here folks, the moment which the last several years of campaigning (at least that’s what its feels like) has all been for–Election Day.

Here at 2WC we try not to impose our political opinions, although we’re sure most of you could extrapolate one from the tone of our opinions on other matters.  Still, we’ll not commit one way or the other, at least not in print.

However, on the matter of political opinions, in general, we of course do have an opinion.  At the end of the day having a political opinion is a part of life.  Anyone who says they’re not political is really saying they don’t watch the news.  To not be political is to not be human, so unless you’re speaking to a cyborg (which is awesome), odds are that “not political” person is lying to you.

If you do choose to have a political opinion, which…

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