Long Pants (and Oh Yeah the Second Debate)

Doc and Intrepid's Blog

This morning I had to hunt for my sweatshirts and long pants!   This event always marks an important passage here in the valley of the Morlocks–the morning when we put away our shorts and t-shirts and put on real shoes and socks.   I can never remember where I put the sorta-cold-weather gear, so every fall there’s a hunt–are they in this drawer?   No.  Try this one.  No.  Maybe the closet in the spare bedroom?  And so on.  When I finally found the pile, my Penn State sweatshirt was on top, looking bereft.  Hmm.  Guess I can wear it around the house.

About last night’s debate.  Little doubt that Obama won it because he was engaged.   He was prepared, too, but then he was prepared last time–people who were dismayed by his lackluster demeanor may have missed that small point.   The town hall format was no friend to Mitt.  The small…

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