4 Reasons Your Company Needs Original Blog Content


why original blog content is important

Tom Treaner of Right Mix Marketing gives 4 compelling reasons that your company should develop original blog content.  Here they are:

1. It Builds Your Brand Presence

All your competitors have websites, and spend a great deal of time and money updating them. But, more often than not, the content is either too flat and pedantic or sales-oriented to engage people.  Most commonly, websites and blogs appear to be something that companies feel they need to have just in case someone happens to want to research their products and services. But the problem with this strategy is that the site will only attract the very few who already have an interest in your products and services. That defeats the value of social media’s potential to reach ever-increasing numbers of people.

Good, original content will not only establish you as an authority to those who are already interested in your products, but…

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