Romney can’t reduce the national debt and cut taxes at the same time

Politically Inclined

By Albert Ross

Getting out of debt without access to the funds to pay for it would be a miraculous feat, but that is just what GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney proposes to do if he wins the White House this November. Romney has repeatedly pledged to cut government spending while reducing the national debt, but at what cost? His bold statements have little logic behind them and would cause many government entities and services to suffer.

The Associated Press details a few items on Romney’s potential chopping block:
“That means big cuts to what’s left over: nuts-and-bolts government agencies including the FBI, Federal Aviation Administration and Border Patrol; programs such as food inspection and space exploration; and popular subsidy and benefit programs for farmers, veterans and college students.”

It is also worth pointing out the key difference between the national debt and the federal deficit. The federal deficit is…

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