Biden Says He Doesn’t Recognize Romney’s America

CBS Tampa

FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) — President Barack Obama had been on the job less than a week when a top economic adviser told him and Vice President Joe Biden that the country faced a trillion dollar deficit, Biden told a roomful of Florida supporters Saturday.

Obama replied, “But I haven’t done anything yet,” Biden recalled.

The mammoth deficit landed in Obama’s lap, Biden said, because former President George W. Bush “put two wars on a credit card,” and gave tax cuts to the wealthy.

Not long after getting the grim news about the deficit in 2009, the Obama White House said the country faced a long and painful financial recovery, even with major government intervention to stimulate the economy and save financial institutions.

The economy has been on voters’ minds across the country, but especially in Fort Myers, located in a county that’s suffered among the most foreclosures per capita…

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