Charlie Crist = Florida’s Mitt Romney… Just Without the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

Florida Wonk Blog


Two years ago this month, I wrote an Op-Ed for the Palm Beach Post criticizing many high profile Palm Beach County Democrats for abandoning Congressman Kendrick Meek’s Senate Campaign in favor of newly reincarnated  “Independent” Charlie Crist.  Some local politicians even went as far as to endorse Congressman Meek at a public event only to reverse said endorsement and jump ship to support the Governor.

For some elected Democrats, the decision to endorse Crist in the 2010 Senate race was a legitimate one- that he was the only candidate who could win, that he was the moderate, that we had to do anything to stop Marco Rubio.  But unfortunately, the majority of the electeds made this decision based on politics, personal ambition and polling data. In other words, rather than supporting the policies and principles that make us Democrats, these folks put personal ambition and politics ahead of progress…

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