Senate passes bill to fund federal government

By CNN News Wire

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Before leaving Washington to concentrate efforts on their re-election campaigns, U.S. senators voted Saturday to fund the federal government into 2013 and passed a measure asserting a tough stance towards Iran over its nuclear program.

In a 62 to 30 vote in a session that stretched past midnight, the legislators approved the moneys necessary for government to function for the next six months and avoided a possible shutdown until early next year – thus forgoing any partisan funding standoff well past November’s election date.

The bill will go to President Obama for its anticipated signature into law.

In a bipartisan show of steadfastness on Iran, Senators passed a non-binding resolution – nearly unanimously – for the United States to pursue a policy other than containment, if necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Senate Joint Resolution 41 advises that time is running…

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