Prime Time TV Gets Worser, Worser and Worser!!

CBS Boston

     With all the things going on in the world today, wouldn’t ya think I’d have better things to talk about than prime time television?     For example Barack Obama and his total blundering of our relationship with Israel.   Benjamin Netanyahu is going to have that “community organizer” for lunch.   Yes there’s also the assassination of four Americans in Libya on 9-11,  including the U.S. Ambassador.   An act of war?   As far as I’m concerned it is,  but clearly the “community organizer” doesn’t know what to do about that one either and it becomes more and more apparent everyday, he should still be honing his skills trying to control greedy, unruly, radical school teachers in Chicago.   Clearly Mayor Rhom-The-Thug can’t handle it.      But I digress………

     I forced myself……yes forced myself to watch the premiers of two new NBC sitcoms last night…….Matthew Perry (whom I loved in Friends) stars now in

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