Melissa Harris-Perry Blows Up On Guest- ‘What is Riskier than being Poor In America’


Melissa Harris-Perry had what was probably her most passionate and intense television outburst ever when she delivered a fiery monologue about being poor in America on her Saturday show.

The moment occurred during a long segment on what Harris-Perry felt was the demonization of welfare recipients as “undeserving” of aid. She clashed repeatedly with guest Monica Mehta, labeled by the show as a business and finance expert.

Harris-Perry’s frustration with Mehta rose perceptibly when Mehta said that welfare payments should not be “limitless.”

“Limitless?!” Harris-Perry shot back. “The limits currently … established under a Democratic president are appalling.”

A few minutes later, Harris-Perry, referring to the debate about welfare recipients “deserving” aid, said, “I just feel like, from the bottom, you have to be able to say, ‘I deserve the ability for class mobility.'”

“Which is funded by public education, by low-cost health care,” guest Nancy Giles said. “Which is…

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