Asia’s free-trade bandwagons to nowhere

NamViet News

The United States has declared that its Trans Pacific Partnership free trade zone is not a vehicle for the economic isolation and containment of China.

Per Reuters:

US-led talks on a free trade pact in the Asia Pacific region are not an attempt to economically contain China … “This is absolutely not a negotiation that’s directed at China,” Deputy US Trade Representative Demetrios Marantis said … [1]

And, straight from USTR chief Ron Kirk:

The United States “would love nothing more” than to have China join the pact, Kirk said. [2]

If this is truly the case, the TPP does not look like a very good deal for America’s partners and China is wasting its time promoting the ASEAN + (China and every other Asian power) free trade zone, the RCEP or Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

Although the details of the TPP negotiations are secret, the basic outlines of the deal…

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