Respect for the Prez

gnostic bent

Iowans Send Message to Obama – Yahoo! News.

When Air Force One touched down in Sioux City, Iowa yesterday, President Obama received a less-than-warm welcome in the form of banners draped across a nearby hangar.

“Obama Welcome to SUX – We Did Build This.”

SUX is the airport code for Sioux City. And we all know this is a jab at Obama’s comment about the government being responsible somehow for all American business. But come on.

As it was designed, one banner actually looks like “Obama SUX,” but its creator was savvy enough to avoid a direct insult to our Commander-in-Chief. Of course, it still communicates one simple fact:

Some people have no respect.

I support President Obama and proudly call myself a Democrat. But if Mitt Romney wins the November election, as much as it will pain me, I will support him as our nation’s leader…

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