Charlotte strengthens police presence for DNC

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By Danielle Nottingham

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CBS NEWS) – Police are patrolling the streets and helicopters are hovering over Charlotte.

The city is getting ready for Tuesday – opening day of the Democratic National Convention.

More than 35-thousand people are expected in town. Organizers say security will be tight.

Charlotte resident, Carey Dice, says, “There seems to be a police officer on every block and every station.”

Jennifer Thompson wasn’t worried about bringing her sons downtown.

“He was–I wasn’t so much.  I guess I knew there were going to be plenty of cops and protection around,” she says.

Police escorted hundreds of demonstrators – protesting big banks – through Charlotte’s business district Sunday.

The city is using a 50-million dollar federal grant to help cover the cost of keeping order. That includes a 100-square block security zone around the convention hall.

President Obama is making his way to Charlotte…

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